Italy Serie A:

Italy Serie A: The Italian Serie A is popular for sponsorship reasons as the TIM A Series. They are the top category of the Italian league system and the main competition at the club level in the country. 

It has been organized since 1946 by the Lega Nazionale Professionisti (LNP) after succeeding in the Italian Football Federation (FIGC). In 2010, they became the Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A (LNPA), commonly popular as Lega Serie A

They started to play in the 1929-30 season. Since then, it has been held without interruption, with the exception of the period between 1943 and 1945 by World War II. 

The competition is a successor and correlative of the national Italian Championships that emerged in 1898. They are one of the oldest league tournaments in Europe, although it is not so with its current unified format of 1929. 

Italy Serie A – 5 major European leagues:

Series A considers as one of the 5 major European leagues, occupying the third place of the UEFA coefficient. They are surpassing by the Spanish First Division and the English Premier League. Also, they are surpassing the German Bundesliga and the French Ligue. According to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS), it is the 4th most relevant league in the world.

History about Italy Serie A:

Throughout its history, 12 clubs have proclaimed themselves champions, in a record led by the Juventus Football Club with 33 titles. It was followed by the 2 great clubs of Milan, Football Club International with 16 wins and Associazione Calcio Milan, with 15 titles.

Juventus FC, the current champion who has linked 8 consecutive “Scudetti” since the 2011-12 season. They are the only club that has won all possible competitions at the continental level, together with the title of world champion. 

AC Milan is one of the 4 clubs with the most international titles and the second with the most European champion titles. FC Internazionale is the first and only Italian club that has won the triplet. 

The confrontation between the “bianconeri” and “nerazzurri” is popular as the “Derby d’Italia, while the one between the two clubs in Milan is the “Derby della Madonnina”. 

Together with the 3 big clubs in the north of the country, the Associazione Calcio Firenze Fiorentina, the Associazione Sportiva Roma, the Societa Sportiva Lazio, and the Societa Sportiva Calcio Napoli. They are popular as the “seven sisters” of Italian football.

Italy Serie A
Italy Serie A

History of Italy Serie A:

The championship began in 1898 as Federal Championship. The first dominator of the competition was the Genoa CFC, winning 6 of the first 7 editions. 

In addition to the Genoese club with 9 championships in the amateur era, at that stage, the Pro Vercelli also stood out with 7 conquests between 1908 and 1922. Between 1915 and 1919 the tournament was not disputed because of the First World War.

Italy Serie A
Italy Serie A

In 1929, with the professionalization of Italian football, it changed its name to Serie A to unique girone (single group championship). During the 30s, Juventus prevailed for 5 consecutive seasons (1930-1935). For its part, Bologna was champion on 3 other occasions. 

The decade of the forties was the golden age of Torino FC, achieving 5 championships. Between 1943 and 1945 the competition had to be suspended again due to World War II.

League in Europe:

The 90s were dominating by Milan de Capello and Juventus, with the exception of the title obtained by Sampdoria in 1991, first and only for the Genoese team. From the 1994/95 season, the current scoring system was established, awarding 3 points for each victory. In this decade, Series A became the most powerful league in Europe. Their clubs won more European titles than other leagues and landed in Italy the best players of the moment, such as Zidane, Ronaldo, Weah or Batistuta.

Competition system:

The championship system defines through clashes between all clubs in round-trip matches. So that the club that obtains the highest score at the end of the tournament is proclaiming champion of Italy. They will receive the trophy which is also popular as the Italian Champions Cup. Since 1924, a badge in the shape of a shield is with the colors of the national flag, the Scudetto. Also, the champion plays the Italian Super Cup, against the winner of the Italian Cup that season.

As of the 2017-18 season, the championship has 6 European places. The first 4 classifieds will have the place to play Champions League, which are classified directly to the group stage. Finally both the 5th and 6th dispute the Europa League, along with the Cup champion.


Series A has produced the largest number of winners of the Golden Ball with 18. It is the European competition from which its clubs have won the highest number of international awards with 50. Also, the largest numbers have come out of it of FIFA World Player winners with 10. Their clubs have also reached the UEFA Champions League final 25 times, having won 12 of those finals. Their teams have reached more finals than any other league.

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