How to get a Bitcoin Wallet?

How to get a Bitcoin Wallet? Online wallets are Hot Wallets. They are recommended for storing money that will transact with a certain frequency. It is not recommended that a large amount of money be kept in it. This type of wallet offers more levels of abstraction than a hacker can use to try to steal your funds.

As its name suggests, it is a portfolio that can access and manage completely online. The user does not have to worry about downloading any programs on his personal computer or smartphone. The online wallet is the most versatile as it can be accessed from multiple devices.

How to get a Bitcoin Wallet?
Get a Bitcoin Wallet

How to get a Bitcoin Wallet? How does it work?

These portfolios are completely hosted on the servers of the responsible company. This results in less security because in a way your private and public key are in the hands of others. Even if they do not have access to this information, which is encrypted before it reaches the servers.

Users need to create an account to be able to access the online service. Usually, the registration occurs by email and phone number, if you want more security. This registration ends up taking away some of the privacy because these records are kept and, certainly, could evaluate at the request of governments and the like.

There is not much to specify in its technical functioning, because in a way the online wallet does everything that the desktop does. But all this work process elsewhere on the planet and transmits on a website for you who have the credentials needed to view those actions.

If you want to create a Bitcoin Wallet for bitcoin sportsbook and live betting, here we present to you some of the popular platforms.


Coinbase is a company based in San Francisco, created on July 2, 2011. It is one of the most renowned organizations that work with Bitcoins. It works with fiat currency from more than 32 countries and offers different services, such as Exchange and online wallet.

Coinbase’s online wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. It has a multi subscription and offers exchange services with physical money.

If it were an Exchange, but for that, the user will need to have a cryptocurrency account and a fiat currency account. Coinbase also offers a Visa card refilled with Bitcoins, but it can only use in some states of the USA.

Blockchain: was initially a service used to explore blocks on the Bitcoin network. But over time they created their online wallet which is one of the best known and most used by the community. The wallet can access both online and via the mobile application available for Android and iOS.

The wallet does not have many advanced features or differences, but it has the basics such as importing a wallet and logging in via 2FA (2 Factor Authentication). It is very secure and promises not to store users’ private keys. Support offers for Ethereum, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and there is also a version of the wallet for Android and iOS. It has a kind of mini Exchange where you can convert between supported currencies.


GreenAdress ends up behaving in a different way which makes it a little difficult to classify, as it could consider both desktop and online. The wallet acts as an extension of Google Chrome, through the browser. It doesn’t have the elegant design of, but it has similar functionality, except that it only accepts Bitcoins.

It has the advantage of being open source and as it is an extension, it reduces the chances of the user falling into Phishing. You can access the page by clicking here.

How to get a Bitcoin Wallet? myetherwallet:

This wallet is for Ethereum and its ERC-20 tokens. It is one of the best, if not the best today. It has many built-in features like generating Paper Wallet, adding wallet hardware and other things.

The wallet works completely online and allows you to log in or save your private key.

There are several other services available, but these are the most recommended. Whoever wants other solutions, there is also and the XAPO wallet that has a credit card.

How to get a Bitcoin Wallet?
Bitcoin Wallet

Important points to note:

In an online portfolio, more locations and more people are managing your private key. The less your private key exposes to any system, the more secure it will be and. So, Paper Wallet would be the most secure.

The main concern in the online wallet is phishing, a form of deception that consists of creating a fake website with the same appearance as the original. Thereby stealing the information typed there to use on the original website, thus stealing your account.

To avoid this, it is recommended that you bookmark the official website and always access it from there. Never search for the name of the wallet on Google, because the similarities can be huge.

Some become difficult to notice even on the link itself. As happened with Binance some time ago, the fake website had the same address, except for an accentuation almost that invisible in one of the letters.

We also recommend the use of adware removers, viruses that install themselves in the browser and keep opening advertising windows. It is based on what you access, thus increasing the chances of you being cheated with a fake website. The recommendations are giving in the Desktops portfolios also fit here.

Also note: under no circumstances, log into your wallet online on an unknown computer. There is a type of tool known as Keylogger and it is responsible for saving everything that types on that computer.