How to get a Bitcoin Cash wallet?

How to get a Bitcoin Cash wallet? If you want to store your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) safely and anonymously so you can use it for basketball betting online, you are here at the right place.

Here we will learn everything about KeepKey Wallet which is one of the leading and reliable wallets.

KeepKey Wallet – Offline wallet to store your Bitcoin Cash:

In this article, we are going to talk about a cold wallet option: KeepKey. We know that security is very important for cryptocurrency users, which is why KeepKey is a wallet that is winning over many people. To understand today’s article, we need you to read through the terms below:

How to get a Bitcoin Cash wallet? What is KeepKey?

In the world of cryptocurrencies, security is never in excess, since once the currency leaves your wallet, the transaction can no longer be canceled. This is similar to Bitcoin wallet

KeepKey is a wallet that comes with the promise of ensuring security for your altcoins because, with it, your wallet is not connected to the Internet. It is ensuring that people with bad intentions will not have any contact with your assets. 

How to get a Bitcoin Cash wallet?
Bitcoin Cash wallet

How does Keep Key work?

KeepKey works together with software in the Internet browser, that is, it is necessary to download an extension in the browser to use the wallet. You keep the private keys of your cryptocurrencies stored in Keep Key and when you need to carry out transactions, just connect it to your computer using a USB cable. The cool thing is that even if the computer is infected with viruses, the wallet does not infect.

Is the Keep Key secure?

As for security, we can say that an offline wallet will always be safer than online ones, such as those smartphone applications or wallets that we access through the Internet browser. In the crypto world, everything that is vulnerable to the Internet (intrusions, viruses, and attacks on your software) is not as secure as what is far from the network.

Keep Key also provides a backup key in case you damage it, get it stolen or lose your device. And whenever you are going to make a transaction, you must have the Keep Key in hand to place the authentication PIN. That is, the Keep Key also functions as an access token.

Which cryptocurrencies can I store on Keep Key?

Using the app in the Chrome Internet browser and having the Keep Key connected to the computer, it is possible to receive, store and send 54 types of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Cash. 

How to create a KeepKey address?

1. First of all, you need to buy the wallet: You can easily purchase via PayPal, or of course, with Bitcoins.

2. You will need to have a Chrome browser because the Keep Key software works on a Chrome extension. So, after downloading Chrome (if you don’t have it) you need to download the KeepKey extension.

3. Connect your KeepKey to your computer using the USB cable.

4. Open the extension in Chrome, it will be located in the upper right corner next to the search bar.

5. A page will display for you to name your KeepKey, create a password and register your recovery key. In this step, your device will also be updating. Record all of this information on the card that comes with your device, and keep it somewhere safe.

How to create a cryptocurrency account on Keep Key?

There is no limit to the number of accounts you can create on KeepKey. However, if you have many accounts, the device may take a little longer to charge. For best results, a maximum of 10 accounts recommended. Remember that when an account is added, it cannot delete or hidden.

1. Open the KeepKey application and enter your PIN.

2. Click “Add account” in the bottom right corner of the window.

3. Select the drop-down menu to select the account you want to add. Currently, you can create an account for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash. 

ERC-20 tokens will list as subaccounts on each Ethereum account you own. If an asset forks and you meet the receipt requirements for those forked currencies, they will also list as a subaccount of the original currency.

Attention: you will only be able to see fork coins if they are supporting by KeepKey.

4. Put a name in your wallet and you are done. Now you can use it easily to store your Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

How to get a Bitcoin Cash wallet?
Get a Bitcoin Cash wallet

How to receive cryptocurrencies on Keep Key?

1. In the previous steps, you created an account. So, now you need to click on the account created to receive your cryptocurrencies. But be careful: if you created a Bitcoins account, you can only receive Bitcoins at this address. If you want to receive, for example, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum, you need to create a dedicated account for them.

2. After clicking on the account of the currency you want to receive, click on “Receive Bitcoin”. 

3. Copy the generated alphanumeric address or the QR Code that appears on the screen. It is to this address that you must send your resources. If you are going to receive payments or ask someone to transfer the coins to you, just share the QR Code or address.

How to send cryptocurrencies? How to get a Bitcoin Cash wallet?

1. Connect the Keep Key to the computer and open the software in Google Chrome.

2. Select which currency you want to send.

3. Click on “Send / Trade”.

4. Enter the address where you want to send the cryptocurrencies.

5. Enter the number of cryptocurrencies you want to send to the address entered.

6. Enter your password and you’re done! Your altcoins will be sent in a few minutes.