How does Champions League work?

How does Champions League work? The UEFA Champions League originally popular as the European Cup. It is the most prestigious official international football tournament at the club level among competitions. It organizes by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) which is one of the most recognized worldwide.

How does Champions League work?
Champions League

How does Champions League work?

In the group stage, each team plays the others twice, home and away, totaling 6 fixtures per team. The top 2 teams from each group, after 6 games, advance to the Champions League Round of 16 while the 3rd placed team continues to the Europa League Round of 32.

The last-placed team is eliminating from both competitions. 3 points are awarding for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss.

Economy and Finance:

The competition is highly profitable for clubs that reach the group stage. UEFA distributes part of the money obtained by television contracts between these clubs.

In the 2013-14 seasons, UEFA distributed 904 million Euros among the 32 participants, from the fixed 12.2 million Euros as a minimum amount to 57.4 million for Real Madrid football club, ​​winner of the competition. Also, clubs deposit more money with ticket sales, merchandising, etc.

How does Champions League work?
How does Champions League work?

Financial fair play:

Due to the new UEFA regulations on financial fair-play, 9 clubs are being investigated individually. Despite this, the figures distributed are including in the distributions in the absence of resolution of each case. The UEFA measure seeks to clean up and establish financial rules for all clubs to improve the financial health of European clubs.

The regulation directly affects the clubs at the time of signatures of possible signings, payments, and financial agreements under common points to all.

Fixed amounts:

As a fixed amount, each club received 8.6 million Euros, thanks to its participation, reaching an amount for each club of at least 15.4 million totaling market variables.

Each club thus received approximately 1.7 million Euros per game played in the group stage. A million more was paid for victory and each draws 500,000 Euros. The Real Madrid Football Club and Club Madrid were the teams that made the most gains in the group stage for their results with 5.5 million euros.

Bonus per round:

The 16 teams that qualified for the first qualifying round received a bonus of 3.5 million Euros each. Another 3.9 million Euros went to each of the 8 quarterfinal teams and the 4 semifinalists were rewarding with 4.9 million Euros more.

The Real Madrid Club received 10.5 million Euros while Madrid received 6.5 million Euros for their passes to the final, including 4 million more in the case of the first for their final victory.

How does Champions League work – Market value:

Concerning the rest of the incentives, the part that each club received depended on its value in the national market. In addition to the number of teams per federation, the position in the national championships in the previous campaign and the number of games played in the League of Champions 2013/14.

The Real Madrid Club received the highest amount of the season in the Champions League (57.41 million Euros) followed by the German Club – 54.41 million Euros without reducing the possible penalties due to non-compliance with the financial fair-play.

Television rights:

The Champions League is the annual sports competition, with the largest accumulated worldwide audience and its end. It is the most-watched annual sporting event in the world, with an estimated global audience of 360 million viewers. They provide coverage in more than 200 countries. It’s final is one of the most-watched sporting events of the year, with an estimated 360 million viewers.

European Super League:

Although the news about a European League was reducing after the agreements reached between clubs and UEFA until 2021, the idea remained present among the clubs in favor of deep restructuring.

This time it was Stephen Ross – organizer of the International Champions Cup. It is a summer tournament that brings together some of the best clubs in the world during their preseason period.

How does Champions League work?

They contacted some of these teams to probe their opinions on the creation of a competition parallel to the League of Champions. A recent resolution by the European Commission is in favor of Dutch athletes who denounced their competent international federation.

That prevented them from competing in competitions outside their jurisdiction. They reflected in the clubs a new path after the dissatisfaction of UEFA and its possible reprisals if they decided to create it and abandon their protection.

For the moment, the decision of the Union European served the clubs as a means of pressure to enforce their demands against UEFA.

Medal winners:

Only 22 clubs among the 512 historical participants in the competition have managed to proclaim themselves winners. 18 more for a total of 40 complete the list of clubs with a presence in any final. Among them, the clubs from the La Liga dominate with 29 occasions. Also, they are those that have obtained more titles with 18. England is the one with the most different champion clubs with 5.

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