What does -2 mean in football betting?

What does -2 mean in football betting?

What does -2 mean in football betting? If you are planning to deal with bitcoin sportsbook, you need to know about Over and Under and handicap betting. Here we will know about it and will also let you know what does -2 mean in football betting?

Over / under Betting: 

Over / Under betting is not about the result, which team wins but the number of goals (football, handball, etc.) or points (basketball, Table tennis, etc.). 

The bets can often be found as “total number of goals/points”. The exact number does not have to be hit, just a tendency to indicate whether more or fewer goals score than specifying. 

The number of goals or points above or below which you have to bet is specified by the betting provider. As a rule, all goals in a game are meant, i.e. the goals of both teams totaled. The same applies to points in basketball or equivalent in other sports.

What does -2 mean in football betting?
-2 mean in football betting

Typical over/under bets with half values:

In most cases, the over / under bets are right at the top of an event. What is immediately striking, for example in football, is that there are half values. 

For example, the Over / Under 2.5 goals bet. Now, over the years, every football fan will have noticed that there are no half goals. The reason for the bet is simply that it becomes clear. If two goals are scoring, less than 2.5 goals score. With three goals, there are more. Over 2.5 goals bets and under 2.5 goals bets can be clearly assigned. The bet is clearly won or lost.

What does -2 mean in football betting?

If the odds are minus (–), then that amount of money must wager to win $100. (e.g. -2 means you must bet $102 to win $100.)

Over / Under bets with whole values:

Even if you usually find half numbers, there are also over/under bets for whole numbers. Then the bet is: over/under 2.0 goals. In most cases, there is a clear final result. It is different in this case with the results 1: 1, 2: 0 or 0: 2, because then exactly two goals were scored. In this case, the bet returns regardless of whether you have bet over or under.