What is 1x2 betting?

What is 1×2 betting?

What is 1×2 betting? Sports betting is currently a success in many countries around the world. The fondness for many of the existing sports guarantees that every day millions of users access the different bookmakers to validate their predictions. It is growing the community daily with new users who want to try their luck in this field.

Today, there are many types of best bitcoin sportsbook and variations within each type like over under or handicap. One of these types of bets is single bets, which are the simplest bets, which are put into practice by all new users in the bookmaker user communities. 

For this type of bet, we find 1X2 bets, which are the most popular. Therefore, we will focus here on 1X2 betting.

What is 1x2 betting?
1×2 Betting System

What is 1×2 betting?

1X2 bets are very simple since we only have three possible predictions that we can make. In this, we will have to decide which team will be the winner of the sports match. Because these bets allow you to bet on a tie, they will almost always go to football matches. 

Well, if we bet on 1, it will mean that we believe that the local team will win the match. On the contrary, if we decide to opt for 2, we will be predicting that the visiting team will be the one to win the match. 

As the last option, we have the X, which, as we have advanced, means that we believe that the match will be tied between the teams, without winners. Let’s see an example of this type of betting to make it clearer.

For example, a League match between Inter (Team A) and Milan (Team B) are going to play this weekend. We find the following odds for each result.

1X2 Bet Odds:

Team A: 1.54

Draw: 3.25

Team B: 2.90

If we bet on Team A, we will win $ 1.54 for every dollar wagered. Let’s imagine that in the end the game ends 5-0 and we had bet $ 50 that Team A won. 

We will have won a total of $ 77 ($ 50 x $ 1.54 = $ 77). Let’s put ourselves in the opposite case and imagine that in the end, the game ends with a score of 2-3, giving victory to Team B. In that case, and if we had bet the same amount of $ 50, we would have won $ 145 ($ 50 x $ 2.90 = $ 145).