-3 meaning in betting

What does -3 mean in betting?

What does -3 mean in betting? In a best bitcoin sports betting, you came to know terms like -3 or -7 in betting odds. Here we will know what does -3 mean in betting. Let us know what does it mean?

What does -3 mean in betting?

First, understand with Plus. The +3 means team if getting 3 points from its opponent. For example, if Team A is 3+ against Team B than a bet on Team A means you think the A will not lose by 3 points or more. If you are right, you will win the bet.

The -3 is just the opposite. It means the team is giving 3 points to its opponent.

Over/under betting dynamics:

They are extremely time-sensitive bets, just like a result of a match. Because as the event progresses the bet increases in value, if no goals score, or decreases if they are scored.

That is if we bet that no more than 2.5 goals will score in a match at odds of 2: 1. If the match progresses in the first 30 minutes without goals we see how that odds decrease that increasing in probability until maybe 1.5:

As the end of the event approaches, this advance in the probability of the bet grows exponentially, especially in the last minutes.

In this sense, it is a bet “against time” if we bet on “over” and “overtime” if we bet on “under”.

What does -3 mean in betting?
-3 Meaning in Betting

Bet on the form or not?

One of the strategies or techniques follows by most bettors is to base on the form of the participating teams, looking for the results of the last matches.

We can think that if a team is on a good streak in the last 5 games it will continue in the 6 and thus bet accordingly. The downside of this technique is that all streaks end sooner or later since you also have to consider another team in the equation, not to mention other special variables.

Also, that approach implies that many other people are thinking like you and are carried away by the fashion of the moment.

If the fashion of the moment is that Barca is scoring 4 goals per game in the last 7, then almost everyone will bet on that score “over 3”. That will make the quota of it not very high, or at least not enough to “have courage.”