What does -7 mean in Betting?

What does -7 mean in Betting?

What does -7 mean in Betting? The world of online bitcoin sports betting is very dynamic and offers you several betting options for you to try to take advantage of the matches. There are always good alternatives to permanently fixed odds and one of the most popular of them on the market is Over / Under bets.

Here we will know what does -7 mean in Betting?

In sports betting, Over and Under refers to bets on the number of goals, points, games or sets of a match. This type of bet is good when the player has a good sense of the offensive and defensive postures of rival teams.

In a football game, Over / Under bets place on the goals of the match. For example, if the player places a bet on over 1.5, he profits if two goals or more are score in the duel – regardless of the team that is scoring. In an under 1.5, the bettor wins if there is a maximum of one goal in the game.

What does -7 mean in Betting?
-7 mean in Betting

The + and – signs are really important to note. Along with the number, they tell you much useful information about the match and the bet.

The minus sign in -7 shows you which team favors. When you bet on the favorite you will get worse payout odds on your betting since they are more likely to win.

– The team with a negative number (like -7) is the favorite.

– The number next to the minus sign is the amount you must bet to win $100 in profit.

– For example, if the number is -7, you must bet $107 to win $100.

Betting game: Baseball / Basketball:

In Baseball, the bet is relating to points. If the player makes his game in under 10. It means that he is betting on a match with a maximum of 9 points added between the two rival teams. The same goes for basketball.