What does Parlay mean in Betting?

What does Parlay mean in Betting?

What does Parlay mean in Betting? The parlay is nothing more than a combined bet of two selections of teams or more. A parlay is one of the most widely used in bitcoin sportsbook.

What does Parlay mean in Betting?

These combined bets are very common when small amounts are played because the more the selections on the ticket the more the bets will pay but it is more difficult to guess.

In a Parlay, all the selections have to be correct, absolutely all. If one of the selections in the bet is unsuccessful, the ticket ends up being unsuccessful as well. Such selections may be baseball bets, basketball bets, soccer sports bets, football, and most sports bets.

What happens if they void a bet?

If any of the parlay bets are void or suspended, that may be due to playing a handicap that remains the same in this case, that bet is void. Therefore, the value of the ticket will drop and is calculated without that bet.

What does Parlay mean in Betting?
Parlay mean in Betting


Each of the bookmakers has restrictions for these accumulated bets (Parlay), some leave you only 12 plays, the other 15 selections and as there are others that are infinite plays.

Calculate a Parlay:

There are many tools to calculate a Parlay, but here the presentation of the odds always influences. If they are American odds for example (-180) we recommend http://www.parlaycalculator.com/ if, in their absence, they are bets in decimal format, the only thing that you have to multiply all the odds by the amount to bet.

And there are also the fraction quotas that are the least used since they are normally used by many English people for horse racing and in sports betting a little less.

In this way, a Parlay is a single sports wager which involves 2 or more teams winning. The main attraction of this type of betting is the larger payout than choosing a single team to win.