What is Asian Handicap?

What is Asian Handicap?

What is Asian Handicap? Many times, we find matches in which one of the two teams starts with a great advantage over the other. Bitcoin Betting on this favorite usually gives very poor benefits because of the small fees presented by our sports betting house.

This is where the bets with Asian Handicap do their job. Balancing that level difference between the two teams.

Specifically, in bitcoin soccer betting, the house adjusts this difference by giving the favorite one or more disadvantage goals and the opposite for the less favorite team.

Difference between European handicap and Asian handicap:

It is vitally important to know the differences in order to identify when it is one or the other. Betting on the simple handicap thinking that it is Asian is a fairly common mistake since we are blinding to bet on better odds. The problem comes later when the bet is not returning in case the result of the bet was void.

What is Asian Handicap?
Asian Handicap

They are two different terms, specifically one includes the other. In Asian handicap bets, the tie is not contemplating, they are binary. The “normal handicap” adjusts the favoritism of one of the teams by taking away goals, adding the same amount to the worst team. Also as a difference with the Asian handicap, it includes a draw result, the match ends with the victory of the favorite team by the goals.

Types of Asian Handicap:

When the coefficient of a handicap bet has half a decimal point (0.5,1.5,2.5, etc.), it is easy to understand when the bet is won. The case of a zero bet will never occur because the goals, cards, corners or any accounting data A match is made one at a time. They are whole values, and if the bet is over 2.5, we know perfectly well what happens to our bet when there are 3 goals or when there are 2 goals.

The problem comes with special cases: decimals in rooms and the +0 handicap. In these cases, there may be a total or partial refund of the bet.