How Boxing betting works?

How Boxing Betting works?

How Boxing betting works? Boxing is one of the best bitcoin sports betting markets. For more than a century, boxing is very popular with fans and punters. Head-to-head combat is one of the purest forms of sport and punters love to make their guesses, whether for a well-balanced fight or for a David duel against Goliath. Every fight is a good opportunity for those looking to get the result right.

Basic betting options and odds:

The most common and logical way to bet on a boxing event is to simply choose which of the two fighters will win or known as h2h beting. In a balanced fight between Boxer A and Boxer B, it is common for the odds to be $ 1.71 for the favorite and $ 2.20 for the underdog. These were the values ​​you receive for each $ 1 invested in the winner.

How Boxing Betting works?
Boxing Betting

How to choose the best bookmaker for Boxing?

When it comes to boxing, the amount you will receive for the bet placed depends a lot on which bookmaker you chose. Not all sites will offer the same odds for the same fight, especially when it comes to a confrontation between two fighters of very different levels.

How Boxing Betting works?

For example, let’s say you want to bet on the fighter who is the underdog in this Saturday’s event. On a betting site, it may be paying $ 6 for every dollar invested, against 1.13 for the favorite. Meanwhile, on another website, it pays $ 5.50, against $ 1.10 for the favorite. Betting on the site that offers the best odds for the fighter of your choice can make a big difference in the long run.

The underdog has virtually no chance of winning and the favorite practically does not payback. There is another very interesting option: bet on which round the fight ends. 

This type of bet is made in the plus/minus mode. Based on who is fighting, the bookmaker sets a value, such as 10.5, and you choose whether to bet on more (11 rounds or more) or less (10 rounds or less). This form of betting is also popular as over/under.