When does Serie A start?

When does Serie A start?

When does Serie A start? Serie A is also popular as Serie A TIM due to sponsorship by TIM. It is a professional league competition for football clubs located at the top of the Italian football league system.

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When does Serie A start?

The Italian Serie A will begin with its 2019-2020 Season on August 24, 2019, and will conclude on May 24, 2020.

There will be 3 stops for the commitments of the selections: September 25, October 30 and April 22.

When does Serie A start?
Serie A Teams

The most important teams in Italy:

Series A is the most important club competition in Italy and one of the most powerful in Europe. This league plays by the 20 best teams in the country in a double-lap format, which means that each club plays a total of 38 games. In the end, the first classified is proclaiming champion and the last three descend to Serie B.

The Italian league has historically been considered one of the most competitive and tough due to the mood and defensive hardness of its teams. It characteristics that make the results of Serie A very close.

Italy is a country of great football tradition. That has meant that throughout history several of their teams have marked an era. Some of the most prominent are Juventus, Milan, Inter Milan or Naples, among others.

When does Serie A start? Series A History:

Series A is the heiress of an Italian tournament that goes back two centuries ago, specifically 1898. This is the year in which the national football competition began to be played.

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