What is h2h?

What is h2h?

What is h2h? H2H (head to head) is a betting type that consists of comparing two players/teams in which the one that is ranked best will win. We are facing a variety of bet that enjoys a great claim among the players, being very common in some sports specialties such as formula One betting or Basketball.

A practical and simple example of H2H (head to head) betting will be to determine which driver will be in the best position in a Grand Prix. In case one of the two drivers retires from the race, the winner would be the one who managed to finish the Grand Prix.

On the other hand, we must also talk about another very common H2H (head to head) bet, such as determining which player will score the most points in a basketball game. It is a betting format that is widely used in the NBA. This H2H comparison not only refers to the points scored, but it can also determine which player gets the most assists or rebounds in a match.

What is h2h?
Head to head Betting

Is the H2H bet profitable?

The main objective of the players is to achieve economic profitability in the sports betting sector and for this they will seek all kinds of advice and strategies. In the case of H2H bets (head to head), we can say that we are facing an alternative that can offer us a good return if we consider a series of factors that we will explain below.

A profitable bet is one where the player can determine if the odds offered by the bookmaker is higher than it really should be. So it is basic and essential that the bettor has extensive information about the event. If we talk about H2H (head to head) bets, this detail becomes more important. Since we will have to choose between two players and that means that any detail will be important when making our selection.

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